Humans have been social creatures since they learned to communicate through grunts. As we have evolved and moved far beyond communal caves to cities spread out throughout the world one constant has stayed with us. That constant is the need to find like minded people to communicate with.

Occasionally as we trip and stumble down the roads of life, paths cross and great ideas emerge. And so at the cross roads of Knecht & Stinson-Ross an idea was born. The idea to leverage the power of Twitter and to bring the community of people interested in Social Media together and to do what? Talk!

So the Twitter Chat of SocialChat was born. And what better place to give it a permanent home then at SocialParler. It is here were we can be social & parler (the French verb meaning “to talk”).

#SocialChat takes place every Monday at 9:00 pm Eastern North American time live on Twitter. So please join us. If you missed a week, no worries. will host transcripts and blog summaries of all the chats.

About SocialChat

#SocialChat is a weekly Twitter Chat where we discuss a variety of topics surrounding Social Media Marketing. Every Monday night we put a featured guest on the hot seat and you get to ask questions and contribute to the conversation.

See Us Live

You can find Alan & Michelle at a variety of upcoming events & conferences, where we are are speaking or just hanging out.
    Upcoming Events
  • Alan will be speaking at the following event:
    SMX Toronto (April 25-26, 2012)
    eMetrics Toronto (April 25-26, 2012)
    140MTL Montreal (May 15, 2012)

Up Coming Chats

  • Mobile Social with Angie Schottmuller June 18, 2012
  • Social Sentiment Analysis Andreea Cojocariu June 25, 2012
  • Tonya Hall (@TonyaHallRadio) topic: TBD July 2, 2012